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If I become a bad person, would you be able to forgive me?

Matou Sakura is one of the three primary heroines in Fate/Stay Night, with the largest role in the Heaven's Feel movies that are based on her route in the original visual novel. Sakura is Shirou's kind, soft-spoken and calm underclassman—the younger sister of his classmate Shinji—who spends a lot of time at his house helping with chores and cooking after he is injured. She likes to please others and be useful, epecially with regard to Shirou, who she clearly has a crush on and admires greatly. While she appears to be your cute, kouhai with a crush on the main character type on the surface, Sakura hides a dark past and many secrets. The viewer finds out that Sakura has suffered years of torture and sexual abuse for the end goal of simply being a vessel for the Holy Grail—a fate she has mostly resigned herself to after being abandoned by her true family and witness to the power of her grandfather pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Because of her smaller roles in Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works, Sakura wasn't a character I had originally paid a lot of attention to. I didn't mind her—I always thought she was cute and liked her with Shirou, but my attention was mostly on Rin and Archer as I moved through the series. Seeing the Heaven's Feel movies allowed me a glimpse into her past and how much trauma and struggle she's had to manage in her short life already...and yet, she is able to still move forward. I really admired that inner strength and appreciated seeing some of her inner thoughts and feelings. Her character is a lot more complex than many give her credit for, and I personally am moved by both her very human-like resentment and resilience.

I already have quite a few thoughts about Sakura that I would like to write down in the context of a small fansite. Now that the Heaven's Feel movies are complete, I hope to work on something for her in the near future. The site will focus largely on her role in the movies, as well as a little on her Fate/Extra, Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya roles. Stay tuned!

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