Assemble, guardians of the Round Table

Welcome to Chasing Starlight, an upcoming tribute and the approved fanlisting for Artoria Caster/Avalon from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. I honestly did not expect Artoria Caster to be one of my favorite characters in the game. However, once I started to get toward the end of Lostbelt 6, I found myself thinking about her frequently! She is now one of my favorite Fate//Grand Order characters. I look forward to writing my thoughts about her character as this work-in-progress shrine expands. If you have any questions or comments as you browse, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks for visiting! ♥

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Last updated: 20th May 2024
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Version one of Chasing Starlight features Artoria Caster's final ascension art in Fate/Grand Order, as a matching layout to my shrine for Morgan. All other aspects of the layout were made in the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop 2024. A special thank you to WeGraphics for a couple of the brushes, and to Dafont where I downloaded the fonts used. The site can be navigated using the links to the left.

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