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Welcome to Game Master, the approved fanlisting for BB from the PSP game Fate/Extra CCC and mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Not sure what a fanlisting is? Put simply, it is an online list of fans of a particular subject. All you need to join is a name/alias, a working e-mail address, and to provide your country. If you are a fan of BB, please consider joining us! ♥

Script used: Enthusiast
Last updated: 28th April 2024
Member count: 7, from 3 countries (+ 0 pending)

Version one of Game Master features BB's game sprite in Fate/Grand Order. All other aspects of the layout were made by me or default to the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop CC, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont and a few of the grunge brushes from WeGraphics.

Rules & Codes

Please note the following rules before filling out the form to join this fanlisting:
1. Your name, a valid email address, and a country are all required to join.

2. If you would like join with your website included, please put one of the codes or a text link to the fanlisting on your site before you join.

3. Please upload the code of your choice to your own webspace. Direct linking the codes is not allowed.

If you join the fanlisting with a website included, please be sure to grab a code from below and link back to You can use a text link or grab one of the codes below!

50x50 PIXELS:

Forms & Member List

Ready to join the fanlisting? Or perhaps you want to update your information or simply view the list of fans. Click the links below in order to do so:



If you have an approved fanlisting that is Fate related and would like to affiliate, just let me know and I'll add you as soon as I can!



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